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And when you consider the excellent software bundle, it\’s great value. Read our full Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 review. It also incorporates a USB hub, although the power draw must be mA or less. The MiniFuse 2 sounds pretty good, with nice clean main outputs and plenty of volume from the headphones. Factor in the impressive software bundle, generous five-year warranty and a choice of colours and you have a pretty decent package for the money. Read the full Arturia Minifuse 2 review.

Two speaker outs complete the connections and a central main dial controls the level of that output plus a number of other levels determined largely by which buttons on the top of the panel you press, these being 1 and 2 for the input levels , and output bottom right plus a final button that means the dial adjusts the mix between the input and DAW. Using the headphone socket means the main dial controls this level. The one-dial solution is beautifully implemented and designed to help make EVO a clever, compact desktop solution that sounds great.

Read the full Audient Evo 4 review. Revolution 2×2 is packed with quality components and even includes branded USB cables. Visually, we think the unit is pretty understated and the feature set quite straightforward. The black design is nicely offset by backlit buttons, two-tone input level LEDs, a green USB indicator and multipart output level LEDs, so you have plenty of handy visual feedback and it really looks the part.

We also like the smooth controls, chunky Monitor output knob and mostly solid build quality. Revolution 2×2 looks unassuming, but is solidly built, easy to set up, surprisingly portable and brings crystal clear audio. It\’s extremely worthy of your time. Read the full Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 review. Their feature sets are slightly different but underlying specifications are very similar.

Despite the amazingly low price, both units look well made and the black finish, recessed rubberised knobs and functional selector switches feel solid. It is USB 2. Focusrite\’s Control software is easy to use and also available as a simplified iOS app, so you can control levels, including your low latency monitoring mix from your phone.

The mic inputs are silky smooth and have plenty of headroom, and the outputs are crystal clear and suitably noise-free. If you want to add some life to your input, the Air option does just that. Also excellent are the two JFET instrument inputs, substantially better than a regular instrument input. The Volt range has the affordable market in its sights, and here we\’re looking at the Volt and These look very different to other UA interfaces and have a very different remit.

With the 76 Compressor you choose style Vocal, Guitar, Fast or Off one-button compression, each delivering a characteristic flavour without going overboard. The Volts are a radical departure for UA, but they deserve to shake up the budget interface market with a great design, a plug-and-play workflow and hard-to-beat audio conversion. It\’s bad news for other affordable interface makers: these are great! Read the full Universal Audio Volt 76 series review.

Read our full Mackie Onyx Producer 2. The UR22C, on test here, is the most affordable of these. These can be accessed via the dspMixFx mixer. You get a couple of balanced Neutrik combo inputs, each of which sports a Yamaha D-PRE mic preamp, and two balanced line outputs.

With its rugged metal casing, the UR22C is the best audio interface for you if you want something that can be slung in a backpack without fear. Read the full Steinberg UR22C review.

The follow-up to the original iRig Pro Duo , the new version offers two analogue combo inputs so that you can connect and simultaneously record your favoured combination of instruments and mics. These inputs come with updated Class-A preamps, adjustable gain increased for this model and phantom power.

There are new dedicated PC drivers as well, along with a refreshed rubberised finish. Despite its compact frame, we found there to be plenty of connectivity on offer.

There are also inserts for inputs 1 and 2, allowing you to track through hardware compressors or channel strips. AudioFuse provides a beautiful and contemporary approach to USB audio interfacing with a great design, compatibility with a huge range of possible audio sources, a great sound and a highly tactile control set. Read our full Arturia AudioFuse review.

Antelope Audio is one of a small group of manufacturers that produces premium audio interfaces with onboard processing. In it launched an improved architecture, Synergy Core, that uses both FGPA and DSP chips to deliver near-zero latency onboard processing during recording or mixing.

On the front you get four DI inputs switchable to line level if required , two individually configurable HP outs and two handy transformer-based re-amp outputs, so you can send your DI back to a guitar amp input. The design of these is first class, with some classic hardware emulations. Zen Tour Synergy Core is an incredibly capable unit that is pretty easy to use and sounds fantastic. Steinberg entered the Thunderbolt audio race with the the AXR4, a rack-mountable interface aimed at professional producers and engineers.

The Steinberg AXR4 oozes quality from every pore, making it a serious contender in the pro audio interfacing arena. Read our full Steinberg AXR4 review. If you are a musician who wants to make great quality recordings and listen back to them on decent speakers, then you really need an audio interface. They allow you to record any audio into your computer or smart device — from strumming guitars and your singing through to a complete band or orchestra — and then mix that audio into a song in your DAW and hear the results back through pro-grade speakers.

When choosing the best audio interface for home studio and beyond, the first thing you need to work out is the number and type of inputs and outputs you need. Multiple outputs can also be useful if you want to set up separate headphone mixes if you\’re a DJ, for example or send audio elsewhere for further processing.

Many interfaces also offer a phantom power option, which is required if you want to use certain microphones. The cable required for connectivity usually ships with the interface but not always with Thunderbolt 3 and Lightning, so do check what you get in the box.

Most interfaces are class-compliant, so will work out of the box — just plug them in and start using them straight away. Some come with extra software you will need to access some of their more detailed functions and routing. Many, especially mobile interfaces, are bus-powered so you don\’t have to plug a mains power supply into them. Inputs indicate the number of instruments or microphones you can connect up to record simultaneously.

Check the interface has a phantom power option if you want to connect up a condenser mic which requires external power. The number of outputs refers to the number of connections available to your studio speakers or other hardware boxes, including outboard effects.

Interfaces are serious pieces of kit that should keep the audio signal quality high throughout the recording process, but you needn\’t pay serious money for them. If you are an in-the-box producer, you might only need one input at any one time to record, plus a couple of outputs to your speakers.

There are many companies making audio interfaces but some brands that score consistently well in our reviews and we stand by in terms of build quality, features and value for money are Apogee, Audient, Focusrite, Native Instruments, Steinberg, SSL and Universal Audio. Audio interfaces are essentially devices designed to record audio into your computer DAW, and play it back out.

The key factors when testing them are how easily they do this and the level of audio quality they are capable of delivering while doing so.

Many audio interfaces are \’plug n play\’ so will automatically be picked up by your computer and DAW when you first connect them, so setting up should be easy. Your DAW should then list all of the audio interface\’s physical inputs and outputs, often as selectable options on its input and output channels.

We test for sound quality by recording several sources via the interface\’s mic and line inputs, and judging the playback quality against that expected from the specs. We also compare the same material recorded with our reference audio interfaces that we use on a daily basis. Some audio interfaces come with extra bespoke software that lets you select input and output configurations and might also add other routing options or even effects.

How easy this extra software is to use is also an important factor. Fruity Loops is designed to quickly create short loops and in the given channel racks and arrange them on the Playlist to make your song. But the magic begins here — You can add anything in a Channel Rack such as beats, instruments, synths, and a mixture and line up those instruments to make a complete song.

That means you can add the same channel rack sequence to different tracks and different channel rack sequences to the same tracks as well. Okay, just know that you can have anything anywhere in FL Studio. There is no need to go in a traditional left to right sequencing for Audio and Midi tracks. You can just place anything anywhere in the playlist. By the way, here is my rating for this DAW. Buy FL Studio Click here to Join the Best video training courses for FL studio.

Top music producers and music programmers use Ableton Live to seamlessly create their music. It is counted in one of the best loop arrangers in the world.

There are several great features that are given in Ableton Live for the sole purpose of creating Live music. The browser feature is one of them. If you are a Live performer then Ableton can do magic for you.

Ableton Live is considered as one of the fastest DAW software in the world. Once you become familiar with the interface, you can create music in no time.

Also, the integration with Push 2 makes the process seamless and creative. Download Ableton Live Here are some tutorials and courses for Ableton Live which can help you a lot to become familiar with this great DAW. The interface is much like a Logic Pro x interface.

If you have seen the Logic Pro X on work then probably you would be confused seeing Garageband interface. I mage Source. The user interface of the Garage band is very simple. However, with the basic instruments such as Smart Strings, you can create a basic song. You get a multi-track wave editor where you can record and edit the audio and MIDI clips.

The recording process is so simple. You just need to arm the track and hit the record button to record the audio. A basic loop library is given to use in the songs but not as rich as other DAWs. A drummer groove is also given to provide the realistic drum loops that are a great feature for DJ recordings. You just need to arm the track and hit the record button to record the song.

Download Garageband Now. Audacity is a multi-track free, open-source audio editor that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you are expecting some great music production features then this DAW is not for you. However, there are some features that are ideal for newbie music producers. The user interface of audacity is not so attractive so if you are expecting a professional-looking DAW then it would break your expectations.

However, the easy to use user interface makes it very easy to record, edit and mix the song in a short amount of time. If you see the interface, All you are given is an editing area, a track pool, transport panel, and essential editing tools.

As its a simple to use software the workflow is very fast. Once you get familiar with this DAW you can easily produce some great music within a short amount of time. However, I never recommend using this DAW if you are serious in the recording. If you want to stand out in the competition, you need far better DAW than Audacity.

Download Audacity Free. With a significantly fast workflow and a state of the art library, it allows you to produce music like a pro. There are tons of features you get in Cubase to produce music production seamlessly. Image source. The user interface is a little confusing for beginners but the basic functionality is the same as other DAWs. A browser window is given to access the library. However, there are a handful of keyboard shortcuts that are given but you need to be familiar with the shortcuts to get them to work for you.

Workflow is really fast for trained guys. If you have understood how things work in Cubase, you would produce music like a pro. There are tons of features and resources provided with Cubase to make pro-quality music.

A great DAW for home studios. Download Cubase Now. Checkout Now. Logic Pro X counts in one of the most versatile digital audio workstations that come with the same features and sound library which you get in other expansive DAWs.

Logic Pro has an easy to use, intuitive interface so there is nothing hard-working in Logic Pro X. Its low price and an extensive sound library make it the best pick DAW for best every newbie producer. As I told you above, Logic Pro X has an easy to use intuitive user interface, you get a simple drag-and-drop system.

As well as the intuitive user interface feature makes it very easy to become familiar with it. The workflow in Logic Pro X is quite seamless and fast. As it is equipped with features like drag and drop, intuitive interface, and multiple windows on the same screen, you can come up with a fast workflow in your studio. Even if you are a newbie, you will get familiar with it in no time.

It has a wide number of keyboard shortcuts which help you to work fast. However, you can set them up as per your needs. And of course for Apple users.

Download Logic Pro X. In creative Live you get an option to buy the courses separately as well as in a monthly membership plan Nominal Fee. Click here to join this course. Cockos Reaper gained huge popularity since it launched in If I say it all in one DAW then it would not be wrong.

Along with Live audio and VST recording, it also facilitates a full mixing console, great notation editing, and also be used for video scoring. And the main benefit of having this DAW is the ability to build your own toolbars, menus, and macros. You can also change the entire look and color scheme of its interface.

But if you put your time to understand it, it will give you real dividends. In a fraction of price, Cockos provides the same basic features that you get in Pro Tools, Cubase and other costly workstations. Here are some of the features that I like in Cockos Reaper. In the first look, you just get…not much. When you open Reaper the first time you see there is a blank slate.

On the left side, you get the tracklist window, on the right side the main arrangement window and on the bottom a mixer with the transport bar. The overall feeling seems like a year-old Windows 95 program until you customize the interface as per your need. Customization is the main feature of this great DAW. You can transform the user interface to a professional-looking DAW interface with the customization feature.

You need to first understand the interface. But what you get in the fraction of price from other DAWs is enough. There are many professionals who are using this audio digital workstation without any hassle. After all, practice is the key to success. Requires experience in DAW recording. Built for almost everything including VST recording, film score, live performance, etc.

Download Cockos Reaper. Motu DP is one of the most reliable and comprehensive DAWs, both for music production and video scoring purposes. Just like Reaper, Digital Performer is a highly customisable DAW which gives you the ability to shape its functionality as per your need. Combined with state-of-the-art studio production technologies it is one of the most popular DAW in the world.

In their recent version they have added tons of new features into this DAW. Motu Digital Performer comes with a professional looking user interface which features an arrangement window, mix console window, control panel, MIDI and audio clip editor, VST instrument window etc. In the default workspace you get an arrangement window, tracks region, control panel and individual track view. But you can customize the workspace by adding a mix console and other windows. The window consolidation feature gives you the ability to consolidate different windows with each other to speed up the workflow.

When you understand the user interface you can speed up your music production. The wide list of keyboard shortcuts and consolidated window feature powers up its workflow to become fast. However, when it comes to the speed, some digital audio workstations such as FL Studio can beat it but if you want an overall DAW where you could produce different kind of music as well as scoring works it would be a great DAW for you.

The quack automation feature makes it a great DAW for film scoring. Download Motu DP Now. PreSonus Studio one is the one that directly challenges Pro-Tools with its great features, user interface, faster workflow, and quality as well.

Unlike most of the DAWs who are made for certain tasks and genres, Presonus Studio one gives the feel of completeness with its very good features and the capability of doing just about any studio task you throw at this. Just like any other mainstream Audio Digital Interface, Studio One has the same work-space as default.

You also get consolidated window support which makes your work faster. The default work-space features an arrangement window, track area, single track setting area, mixer, library browser, transport panel, etc. The effects and VST windows open separately. However, the operation is not the same as Logic. You need to understand Presonus Studio One before jumping into the recording.

When it comes to the workflow, Studio one can beat most of the DAWs in speed. With a full set of keyboard shortcuts and a consolidated window view, you can easily produce your music under time schedule. Download Presonus Studio One. Starting with just as a sampler, Reason transformed into a versatile and easy to use DAW.

But with time, the manufacturers realized that if they have to stand in the competition they must transform the software into a complete DAW. The other drawback I felt those old days was hard to understand the operation, But the latest version is not as hard as the previous versions. You can easily tackle it after quick learning online. I will provide you with appropriate online courses for Reason below. But first, let us dig into the features.

Keep in mind that the interface is not the same as other DAWs so there may be a learning curve when you switch from other DAWs. You are provided with Rack extensions and instruments which you can connect with virtual wires visually.

Just flip the Rack extension and use the virtual wires and cords to connect them. This feels like an analog recording system where you had to connect all the devices manually. This feature is quite confusing for new users so you need to learn the operating before using it professionally. As the user interface is inspired by analog recording units and you have to visually connect and disconnect the Racks, it will slow down your Workflow. But when you have a good had on it, it will perform like a charm.

The one solution to this is practicing. AS more you practice as much you would be familiar with the interface. Not for beginners.


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Drum Booth Updated for Live 11 Drum Booth contains carefully curated samples of acoustic kits recorded in a tight, dry room. Discounted upgrade pricing Save big when compared to buying a new Ableton Live Standard or Suite license.


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