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August 20, , PM 2. Re: [Tutorial] How to repair 3ds Max broken license no piracy inside never happened to me, but if it will this will surely help, thanks. August 21, , AM 3. Re: [Tutorial] How to repair 3ds Max broken license no piracy inside happened lots of time to me. I always had to format before knowing this procedure. May 26, , PM 4. Re: How to repair 3ds Max broken license no piracy inside 2 years later I had the error, and it worked!

Your a life saver Davide. May 27, , PM 5. Re: How to repair 3ds Max broken license no piracy inside good to know. Combining and Configuring Package License Files. FlexNet feature code descriptions for Autodesk products. How to change the lmgrd port number on a FlexNet server and client. No Valid License Error [1. Corrupt CascadeInfo. Using the licpath. AutoCAD network unavailable license alerts. Industry Collections Concurrent Access Titles. The network license manager is the software that makes licenses available to users.

Network licensed software installed on workstations does not require individual registration and activation. Network licenses are also called \”floating licenses,\” because they are not tied to a particular workstation or user.

Most network licensed Autodesk products allow you to run unlimited concurrent sessions of a product on a single workstation while using only one network license. With network licenses you can have more installations of software than you have licenses for. Network licenses are more expensive than single licenses.

Make sure to get a good return of investment ROI for them. The more users the easier it is to save money by using network licenses. Depending on how much the users are using the Autodesk product, network licenses can make sense even for companies with just users.

For companies with more users there is almost never a reason to have single licenses. When you start a network licensed Autodesk product, it requests a license from the license server. If the number of available licenses has not been exceeded, the Network License Manager assigns a license to the computer, and the number of available licenses on the license server is reduced by one.

Likewise, when the last session is closed, the license is released and checked in to the License Manager. The Network License Manager can be installed on one or multiple servers. There are three possible server models that support the Network License Manager. Take into consideration factors like the number of users, how much they will use the software, how many part time users and full time users are there, a user might be a lot on meetings or on site, another user might use the software almost all the time while another user spends a lot of time using other software.

What does the existing network look like, are there multiple offices, what is the network connection speed and reliability between the offices? How should you handle license downtime and what does it cost? Autodesk Network License Manager software does not cost anything but hardware and other software does plus the extra time it takes to manage multiple servers.

This has to be compared to the cost of a potential server failure where users will not have access to their software. There are advantages and disadvantages of each model and sometimes a mix of the models is the best choice. Normally this model is used where there are just a few licenses, users at one office and the overhead of using multiple servers cannot be justified. If you already have a single point of failure, such as one file server, the single server option may be ideal for you.

In the distributed license server model, licenses are distributed across two or more servers. A unique license file is required for each server. Each server can have different features and number of licenses. The strategic placement of the distributed servers provides fault tolerance of server and infrastructure failures. Put the distributed servers close to the users. For example one per each physical office location or city.

Distributed servers can also function simultaneously as single servers if you combine the license files. In the redundant license server model, three servers are used. Licenses can be issued as long as at least two license servers are functional. The Network License Manager is installed on each server, and the license file is identical on each server. The redundant server pool does not provide network fault tolerance. Recommendation is to have all servers in the same data center.

Mixing server operating systems or using workstation operating systems such as Windows , XP, Vista or Windows 7 is not supported.

Autodesk Product Support strongly recommends the distributed server configuration for most applications and I agree on that. GNUL licenses are more expensive than standard network licenses. MultiFlex licenses are more expensive than standard network licenses. Token Flex T-Flex is an enterprise licensing offering where product usage is metered by hour and billed appropriately.

For example ReCap Pro is 4 tokens per hour, 20 tokens per day or tokens per month. Tokens are based on product family and user only. There might be possible to deal with Autodesk to have a cut of time so that if the usage per day is less than say 10 minutes there are no tokens consumed. There\’s a service called Core NLRS short for Network License Reporting Service on each license server which uploads the report logs to Autodesk directly and reports are available to see online through the Autodesk account page.

What is NLRS? The results are sent to Autodesk daily to support Token-Flex licensing. Reporting can be viewed from the Autodesk Account Portal. Internet licenses is something that has been piloted by some companies and requires approval of Autodesk.

Because the licenses are available on the open Internet, license borrowing on the Internet license server needs to be restricted. Virtual Machine Support is available. Refer to Autodesk TS Dialup is not supported but might work even though several tries might be needed to start a product and find the license server.

You can install the Network License Manager before or after you install the products that will use it. Network License Manager must configure the license servers before any products can obtain licenses and start running. If an earlier version of the Network License Manager is already installed on the computer, you should upgrade by stopping the license server in LMTOOLS, uninstall and then install the new Autodesk Network License Manager into the folder where the old version was located.

Uninstall Autodesk Network License Manager. Optionally manually delete files that been created for use with the Network License Manager, such as log files, license files, and the options file. Do not install the Network License Manager on a remote drive. When you install the Network License Manager files, you must provide a path to a local drive. You must specify the drive letter; the universal naming convention UNC is not permitted. Have your serial numbers for your Autodesk product, hostname and ethernet address of the license server ready.

Autodesk uses the server host name, host ID, and product serial number to generate a license file. Record the Host Name and Physical Address line. Eliminate dashes from the physical address e. This is your twelve-character host ID e. If your server has more than one network adapter, select the one that corresponds to a physical network adapter.

View the Description field above each physical address. If there is more than one physical network adapter, it does not matter which one you use. Copy the host name and paste the information into a text editor. If your server has more than one Ethernet adapter, select one that corresponds to a physical network adapter.

Autodesk products do not support the Configuration Using License File method. In the Service Name list, select the service name you want to use to manage licenses. By default, the service name is Flexlm Service 1. If FlexNet is managing other software on your computer in addition to Autodesk, you can change the service name to avoid confusion.

This name will also appear as a Windows service and can be monitored accordingly with for example Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. If you have more than one software vendor using FlexNet for license management, the Service Name list contains more than one option. Make sure that only one Autodesk service is listed. In the Path to Lmgrd. In the Path to the License File box, locate or enter the path. This is the path to the license file obtained through autodesk.

In the Path to the Debug Log File box, enter a path to create a debug log, or click Browse to locate an existing log file. It is recommended that you save to the installation folder or a subfolder.

The log file must have a. For new log files, you must enter the. The debug log file is not an optional setting and the license manager will not start correctly without a valid path and file name specified.

Click Save Service to save the new configuration under the service name you selected in step 4. Click Yes when prompted if you would like to save the settings to the service. The license server starts running and is ready to respond to client requests. These tabs exist to support other products that use FlexLM and they should not be used when configuring or troubleshooting the Autodesk Network License Manager.

Open port for adskflex, and open ports through for lmgrd. If these port addresses are restricted by a router or firewall software, users on the remote side of the router will not have access to licenses controlled by the Network License Manager. By using this approach, a single lmgrd daemon can be used by multiple software vendors to provide license authentication. Lmgrd starts, restarts and stops the vendor daemons as needed. Lmgrd reads the license file and writes to the FlexNet debug log. Each software vendor has a unique vendor daemon to manage vendor-specific licensing.

Note: If the adskflex vendor daemon terminates for any reason, all users lose their licenses until lmgrd restarts the vendor daemon or until the problem causing the termination is resolved. The license manager network traffic or hearbeat is a two-way communication between client and license server and happens about one time per minute per session and the packets are small.

If the heartbeat signal is lost, the server tries to reconnect. If the server cannot reconnect, the user receives a license error. If the product stops working because it has lost a connection to the server, you must shut down the product, and then restart it. Most Autodesk products give you the opportunity to save open documents before shutting down. FlexNet provides two administrative utilities for managing the license server. These tools are located in the Autodesk Network License Manager installation folder.

It should not have any effect on if you have borrowed licenses. Before performing system maintenance on your license server including uninstalling the Autodesk Network License Manager you must stop the license server.

When you have completed maintenance, you can restart the license server. To determine the installed version of FlexNet, you need to verify the version of the following files: lmgrd.

Normally the version can be seen by checking the properties of the file. Click the Utilities tab and browse for the. Run lmtools. The version of the license server manager lmgrd. You can always use the latest license server manager and utilities; they will be backward-compatible with your application and its license file.

Normally updating is not needed unless your application vendor requires it. But if you experience problems in some way, then it can be a good idea to see if it helps with the latest version.

Take backup of the old exe files. Stop the license service s. Replace the exe files lmgrd. Start the license service s. This procedure can be performed without affecting users who are running the software, provided the entire procedure is completed within a reasonable amount of time. However, during this procedure new users will be unable to acquire licenses. If this interruption is unacceptable, you might consider doing this upgrade when users will not need licenses.

If you have multiple servers the easiest thing is to install the new version on one and then for the other servers you can just stop the service, replace the exe files and start the service. You can upgrade FlexNet even if licenses are borrowed. It is possible to release licenses early to the updated FlexNet server. The version of the FlexNet license manager required for the corresponding version of AutoCAD or other Autodesk products with the same version is as follows:.

With an options file, you set configuration options that determine how a license server manages licenses. The options file is optional. The options file on each server specifies the license-handling behavior for that server. By managing the contents of the options files, you can specify the same behavior on all license servers, or implement particular differences among the servers. You can also set up advanced license parameters, such as reserving a license, restricting license usage, or defining groups of users or hosts machines.

To learn more about setting advanced options file parameters, see the FlexNet documentation. This documentation is installed on the license server, in the Network License Manager directory. The recommended thing is to name the options file as the vendor daemon and place it in the same folder as the license file.

Open a text editor, enter the parameters you want, and then save the document as a file named adskflex. Make sure you save the file with the extension. The default extension. Use Notepad. In some cases the first time the option file is used a stop and start is needed.

Verify that the license manager is using the Options File by checking the debug log. Lines in the options file are limited to characters.

If the group you are planning to create has a line length that exceeds characters, you can either create an additional group with the same name that contains the users or hosts that exceed the limit or split the GROUP into two or more groups. License timeout is set in the options file to determine how long a product session can be idle before the license is reclaimed by the license server.

When you set this flag in the options file, a user\’s license is reclaimed by the license server if the product is idle on a computer for more than the timeout period you define. If a user\’s license is lost because of the idle timeout, the product attempts to claim a new license once the user uses the product again. If no license is available, the user can save work before the product shuts down. If a license is available the user will not notice anything and can keep working.

Note that this may vary depending on the product and how the vendor has implemented this functionality. License timeout is not supported by all Autodesk products. But for those that are it is a great way to household on licenses. If you don\’t an error message, you\’ve solved the problem.

Still seeing the error? At this point, your office IT administrator will most likely need to diagnose the issue and possibly reinstall Windows on your computer. Now open the Control Panel and select Programs and Features. If you also see one or more versions of the Autodesk Licensing Service x64 in the Programs and Features dialog box, select each of those entries and click Change as well. In this same location, right-click each Autodesk License Service x64 version you see and click Change.

To complete this step, you\’ll need to be able to view hidden files and folders. Delete the files listed below from within each of the following folder locations:. Navigate to each of the folder locations listed above. The files you deleted should have been re-created in those locations. In the Internet Properties dialog box, select the Advanced tab. Unable to activate? This step will uninstall the Licensing Service. Skip this step if the AdskLicensing folder is empty.

Select the option Change when the PC sleeps from the menu. Select the Services option from the menu. Delete all files within that folder. Restart CAD. Solution Complete each of the following steps one at a time, attempting to open your CAD platform after each one.

Select the Device Manager option from the top of the menu. Double-click Display adapters to expand that section. If you see an adapter related to LogMeIn here, right-click it and disable it.

Open your Start menu and type Task into the search box. Select the Task Manager option from the menu. If this service is already listed as Running , move on to Step 4.

Then click OK. Did the Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service fail to start? Open your Start menu, and type CMD in the search box. Type regedit in the text field, and click OK. Getting a Clock Error message? Open the Windows Start menu. Type Run in the search field. Select the Run option that appears at the top of the menu. The Services screen will open.

Yes: Close the Services window and move on to Step 1D. No: Skip to Step 2: Check software restrictions. Select Properties from the menu that opens. Click OK to save the change. Are you using a proxy server? Select Internet Options from the menu that opens. Select Internet Options from the top of the menu. Double-click the file acad.



License Error: The License Manager is Not Functioning or is Improperly Installed (FLEXnet Error)

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