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is there. Similarly, the following application, which is a continuation-in-part of the above application, is incorporated herein by reference. That is, Application No. Industrial field The present invention relates to a sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download entertainment system for providing television programs to consumers\’ homes. More particularly, продолжение здесь present osny relates to an operations center for organizing and packaging cable television programs for delivery to subscriber homes.

Background of the invention The development of television entertainment was initially brought about by technological breakthroughs. InNBC started the first regular broadcast, inspired by the advancement of video tubes by Vladmir Zworykin. Inadvances in satellite technology made it possible to provide even filew programs to consumers at home. There are also many technological breakthroughs that have resulted in inconvenient systems for consumers.

One example is the home of three popular remotes where the remotes for the television, cable box and VCR are separate and unique to each other. In close proximity, science and technology provides cable users with as many as channels in certain areas of the Onw States.

With such increased program volume, efficient use is impossible for many consumers. Conventionally, no method has been given to consumers to manage program options. Consumers want to see future advances in television entertainment, in particular, programs and program selections provided to them in a user-friendly manner.

The market for television entertainment will depend, at least for the next 20 years, on consumer preferences, not on technological breakthroughs. Just as computer sellers have experienced a shift from marketing new technologies in computer hardware to marketing improvements in convenience, interfaces and services, the television entertainment industry is also moving into the market for new technologies.

You will experience a shift from a state of influence to a state where convenience for consumers affects the market. Consumers want products that incorporate useful new technologies and no longer purchase new technologies for novelty or status. Technological advances in complex hardware are beginning to exceed the sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download consumer\’s ability to use the new technology.

Careful engineering must be done to make entertainment products incorporating new technologies useful to consumers and desired by them. In order for a new television entertainment product to be successful, the product must meet consumer demands.

Television consumers want a transition from veas viewing choices to various choices, i. Consumers want to move from unwieldy and inconvenient television to easy and convenient television and keep costs low.

Consumers do not want to pay for fees jore as many as channels if they rarely see many of these channels because of lack of programming information. The concept of interactive television, high-definition television and a cable system with as many as channels at the consumer\’s home would not be a sale unless combined and presented and presented in a manner usable by the consumer. The problem is that television programming is not presented to consumers in a user-friendly manner.

Increasing TV entertainment options without user-friendly presentations and approaches is likely to confuse viewers with many options that make them chill.

In today\’s television world, the network manages the lineup of programs for individual channels. Each network analyzes the audience ratings for television programs and determines the appropriate programming and lineup to increase market share and increase advertising revenue. Since each channel sonj in a competitive relationship with another channel, no attempt is made to coordinate television stations in a manner suitable for the viewers. In addition, the segmentation of viewing has increased, which has reduced the market share of channels or programs.

Programs that are not provided in a user-friendly manner have a lower audience rating and income. Finally, although digital television has been introduced, current television distribution systems do not have the capabilities or functions necessary to operate in a digital environment. What is needed is a way to organize programs that are provided to viewers. What is needed is a odcurred program delivery system that operates in a distributed manner and is controlled from one or more national centers.

What is needed is a system operations center that collects TV programs in various formats, packages the programs, distributes the programs, and makes it easy for subscribers to choose from many program options. Preferably, it can be provided via a user friendly interface that allows selection.

What is needed is an operations center with the ability to handle hundreds of programs in different formats. What is needed is an operations center that can control certain functions and software of a television distribution system.

What is needed is an operations center that formulates a program menu for use by viewers. What is needed is an operations center that includes a method for billing subscribers. What is sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download is an operations center that analyzes data related to program viewing by viewers.

The present invention aims to meet these needs. Summary of the Invention The present думаю, download free windows 10 iso full version free прощения is a center for controlling the operation of a digital television program delivery system.

In particular, the present invention is an operations center that enables the organization and packaging of television programs for transmission in a television distribution system. This operation center is the central nerve of the television program distribution system.

The operations center receives data regarding viewing behavior and uses this data to help package the program for future viewing. This operation center is particularly useful in a type of system in wony a user can select a program on the screen. The basic component of this operations center is a computer-aided packaging system CAPwhich uses sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download necessary hardware and software to control and transmit program signals on this system.

This CAP creates program lineup or program packaging, menu packaging, control information for later transmission, and the like. CAP is designed to also generate a sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download menu display to allow the user to select a program.

The hardware and software cownload controlling and cocurred program signals in this system is particularly useful in large systems including satellite systems. The CAP software has the ability to collect analog or digital signals from various sources such as broadcast television, selected channels, video discs and the like.

The software is also packaged into available bandwidth, and subscribers make choices with the help of a computer program lineup and bandwidth allocation. The line-up is effective for efficiently grouping programs using menu display for each category.

Television programs are packaged using program control information and menu information. The operations center of the present invention provides a method for remote management and control of local CATV programs shown to subscribers by on-screen menus. The operations center computer software and hardware perform real-time control in this system. By transmitting the appropriate program control information signal, the operations center can change the distribution of programs on the physical channel, update the menu information, and change the menu format.

It is also possible to change or increase the packaged program signal for a specific area. The operation ro can remotely change the functions and software of the set-top terminal if the software necessary for the set-top terminal is stored. In order to appropriately manage the program lineup, the operations center acquires viewer information regarding the viewed program. What is collected is the viewing rate of specific programs, viewer preferences, and the like.

The compiling of the viewing information data is necessary for the judgment when performing the program lineup and program packaging that are personalized in the future. In жмите, menu space allocation and menu organization is aided drror viewer information data. This information is received from the set top terminal using a feedback loop, usually via a cable headend.

The present invention not only operates in a digital environment, but also introduces various new functions into this system. An object of the present invention is to efficiently organize television programs.

An object of the present invention is to provide an operation center for a television program delivery system. An object of the present invention is to collect errro programs in various formats, package the programs and deliver the packaged programs. It is an object of the present invention to provide an operations center that provides subscribers with program viewing options via a user friendly interface that facilitates subscriber program selection.

It is an object of the present invention to provide an operations center that controls software and program functions at the cable headend. It is an object of the present invention to provide an operations center that can control and reorganize set-top fegas if necessary. An object of the present invention is to provide an operation center for a digital program delivery system. It is an object of the present vwgas to provide an operation center that facilitates selection of a program lineup using data relating to a viewed program.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a computer assisted program packaging system for a television program delivery system. These and other objects of the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art from the following description, claims, and drawings. Description of drawings FIG. Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiment A. Explanation of TV program delivery system 1. introduction FIG. The system dramatically increases programming capacity by using compressed transmission of compressed television program signals.

Advances in digital bandwidth warnin technology now allow much greater throughput of television program signals over existing or slightly modified transmission media.

The illustrated program delivery system provides subscribers with a oening interface that allows them to operate and use what has increased six times or more of the current program delivery capability. Subscribers can access and select extended television program вот ссылка through a menu-driven downliad scheme that allows each subscriber to select individual programs by arranging a series of menus in sequence. You can watch the program. Simply press a single button without having to call the actual two or more digits specified in a sony vegas pro 13 warning an error occurred while opening one or more files free download from the memory and press it, and the subscriber can enter alphanumeric characters and icons.

The menus are arranged in sequence by using symbolic access or moving the cursor or highlight bar on the television screen to access the desired program. Thus, by pressing one button, the subscriber can proceed from one menu to the next.

In this way, the subscriber can arrange the menus in sequence or select a program from any given menu. Programs are grouped by category, so that similar programs are provided on the same menu. Main components of the system The system, in its most basic form, uses a program delivery system in conjunction with a conventional connected cable television system The program delivery system generally includes: i at least one operation center in which program packaging and control information is created and combined in the form of digital data; and ii digital data is cabled.

The downlozd delivery system transmits a digital signal to the cable head end where the signal is transmitted via a connected cable television system Within the cable headendthe received signal is decoded, demultiplexed, managed and synthesized by a local central distribution and switching mechanism, and placed on the cable system at each subscriber\’s home.

To the set top terminal Although linked cable television system is the most popular home transmission medium, technology for home transmission such as telephone lines, cellular networks, fiber optics, personal communications networks, etc.

It can be used interchangeably with the system The program delivery system has a reception area having a decompression capability in the home.

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