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Logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free

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Remember Me? The No. Today\’s Posts competitions support us FAQ logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Learn more. Thank you Gearspace. Page 1 of 8. What is everyone recording at? Okay, so I\’m just curious what everyone is recording at and why -I\’ve been meeting people who have all kinds of rationale for doing either Just watched a \”produce like a pro\” video where the guy was interviewing an engineer who basically said there is absolutely NO reason to NOT record at 96 logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free Aural Endeavors.

Rob Yeah, I won\’t even bother saying, as it doesn\’t matter. Maybe tell ME what I\’m tracking at. Now that would be interesting, although I already know ссылка на подробности outcome Originally Posted by T. Yeah, I kinda can\’t understand why Last edited by afv; 1st March at PM. Glazing over that it\’s completely un-noticed on thousands of records. These days, starting at 96 with all the gear is easier than it was a decade or two ago.

Personally, i think it\’s all nonsense. This is the 32bit floating продолжить чтение all over again. I am a firm believer in chemistry of film and tape being perfectly suitable mediums for prp and movies. On a nano scale, digital is a superior logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free.

My favorite sounding music is before I was born, and still \”sound\” amazing. Logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free like great movies, they never \”looked\” bad. It\’s nice to see another of your posts so I can hear whoever that is lovic your track melting logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free guitar strings again.

Love it. Oh – and it\’s pretty obvious you track at 96 and mix at I mean, who could not hear that? My wife walked in the room while it was playing and she goes \”Oh, that\’s totally 48!

I guess this thread is gonna happen anyway Brand audio interface really sucks at 96khz to Bob\’s ears in Fargo but he thinks 48khz is the sweet spot. Tony in New Jersey also has brand x and says that Bob is wrong. Leo in Florida says the brand x box sucks at every sample rate.

He says he only records at 96 and only uses the brand z interface. Loretta in Denver argues that Leo is wrong, brand z only sounds wonderful at 48khz.

Jim enters the conversation and says ,ogic those loigc suck at every sample rate logjc he has graphs to prove it. Don comes in and says that Norman newbie comes and says, \”wait, you mean one particular daw sample rate can come off differently depending on what the logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free is? As we all know. All of those songs tracked at I mean, I can\’t even listen to any of my CDs anymore due to the inferior sample rate and tiny bit depth of 16!

Wait a minute. Why don\’t my mixes sound as good as my favorite CDs? It HAS to be the sample rate. That\’s it!!! I always just thought \”higher is better\” -The more \”detail\” the better, right?? Last edited by afv; 3rd March at AM. Reason: fixed for clarity. My Studio. Last edited by mbvoxx; 2nd March at PM. Great point! Do you ever see 96k or even higher becoming the norm as technology becomes more advanced?

James Lehmann. Okay, so I\’m just curious – What is everyone recording at? Russell Fdee. Well, good luck with your important \’new\’ research. Just know that after hundreds of identical threads spread over two decades on this exact same topic — any of which you could have added to instead of starting a \’new\’ one and clogging up the main Forum with noise — the sane half of the GS membership will be moving your contribution to their \’Ignore Thread\’ lists in short order.

Keep in mind that we still don\’t have any solid proof that people can hear a difference with music over Yeah, interesting that you mention that. I mean, I swear I hear a difference between logic pro x 44.1 or 48 free and 48k, but honestly, I\’ve photoshop download for 10 taken a ppro test of it.

One thing that another guy mentioned to me on a different forum is that there is the theory that although we can\’t \”hear\” frequencies above 20khz, we may be able to perceive a difference in how those frequencies affect the ones lower than them I find that rather interesting Pre recording sure.

But the affect it gives should be captured within hearing range on the читать полностью. Top Mentioned Manufacturers. Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. Subscribe to our mailing lists. By using this site, you fgee to our use of cookies. Code by Port Forward. Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. Connect with Facebook. Who Uses Plugin Alliance? Ludar 6 minutes ago.

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Logic Pro X Resampling: 48 to with f… – Apple Community.One moment, please

Faulty internal clock of the device? And the audio files I\’ve been given doesn\’t match the audio in the footage!


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