Windows 10 boot black screen spinning dots free download. Fixed: Windows 10 Spinning Circle Issue (For All Scenarios!)

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Windows 10 boot black screen spinning dots free download

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What did you do when Windows 10 just stuck at the login screen with a spinning circle, with a password field and keyboard disappeared? Will you watch it hanging there, freezing for a day but do nothing? Don\’t be silly. When you\’re with the exact cases like in the following, go ahead and try to fix them by yourself. From Reddit – \”Windows updated yesterday when I shut down off my computer and when I turned it on today, it gets stuck at the blue spinning circle screen before the login screen What should I do?

From bleepingcomputer – \”When I started my Dell Inspiron laptop, Windows ran some kind of \’start repair\’, and gave me the option to start in Safe Mode. I did, but when I tried to shut down, it hung with the circling blue dots. I shut it down and tried to restart. Now, it gets as far as the circling blue dots, which stay there for at least 20 minutes before I give up and shut it down. To fix Windows 10 PC stuck, hang, froze and won\’t boot on the login screen with a blue spinning circle, please try one by one the following solutions:.

First, check if your keyboard and mouse are still working. Any image, link, or discussion of nudity. Any behavior that is insulting, rude, vulgar, desecrating, or showing disrespect. Any behavior that appears to violate End user license agreements, including providing product keys or links to pirated software. Unsolicited bulk mail or bulk advertising.

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Then this morning it said that the System Restore couldnt complete because of the old setting it was restoring to, It said either choose an earlier date but the one I chose was the only option. What now?? Only a black screen once it tries to boot in safe mode with networking, the same thing happened before whenever I tried to start in safe mode.. Your computer\’s system files and settings were not changed. The drive might be corrupt. You can try System Restore again and choose a different restore point.

If you continue to see this error, you can try an advanced recovery method. Again, there was only one restore point to select and no alternative. I am trying to start in safe mode with networking now through starting up with the USB drive. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Any help is very very very appreciated! I just want to jam some Bannerlord. I have the same question Report abuse.

Details required :. Cancel Submit. Why not use a piece of antivirus software to scan your computer in Safe Mode, remove all the virus and malware from your computer, and then try to restart your computer. It is possible that the installed antivirus software conflicts with the current Windows OS, and then \”Windows 10 stuck on spinning dots\” issue happens when you want to start your computer.

So, you can uninstall that antivirus software in Safe Mode, and then restart your computer to verify whether it is normal.

On condition that this method is unavailable for your case, we have the fourth way to be recommended. Please read on. In case that there is something wrong with Windows 10 system, you can do system repair to fix it.

Since you can\’t boot Windows 10 normally, you need to use a Windows 10 installation CD or enter the Safe Mode to open command prompt window and type \” bootrec. If the above four methods can\’t fix \”Windows 10 freezing on loading screen\” issue, you can also do a System Restore which will take your computer back to an earlier point in time.

However, you have to make sure that there is a full system backup on your computer, and the system protection is turned on. Here, you still need to do it in Safe Mode. If this method doesn\’t work for you, please try the next method to fix Windows 10 stuck on spinning dots issue. If your computer has been used for more than three years, you should consider replacing the CMOS battery. There are real cases show that if CMOS battery is powered off for an extended amount of time, \”Windows 10 hangs at loading screen\” issue may happen when you boot your computer.

Under this circumstance, you should cut off the power of your computer, open the computer case, and reinstall the RAM. After that, you can restart your computer to check whether it can boot normally. Of course, you can try this method twice if this issue is not solved after the first try. If all of the above methods are unavailable to solve \”Windows hangs at loading screen\” issue, you should try to do a clean reinstallation of Windows Before reinstallation, you can use \” Copy Disk \” function of MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable Edition to back up all data on the computer, format your computer hard drive and then reinstall Windows 10 to fix Windows 10 stuck on black loading screen.

Sometimes, this problem is solved with one of the above methods, but you feel regretful after installing Windows 10 or even days later you encounter this issue again, so you want to go back to a previous version of Windows. However, you should first check whether you have the chance to do this. When you are facing \”Windows 10 stuck on loading screen\” issue, don\’t be panic and annoyed.

Please try these 10 methods which are introduced in this post. There is always a way which can solve this problem. In addition, you can leave your related questions on the comment bar. Meanwhile, if you have your own ideas and suggestions, you can also share with us or send an email to [email protected]. Thank you! Download Partition Wizard.

Summary : Windows 10 stuck on loading screen\’ is a very common issue nowadays, and this post introduces you several solutions to deal with this issue effectively. Read More. Tip: How to enter Safe Mode in this case? When Windows 10 stuck on loading screen issue happens, to enter safe mode, you should boot your computer from the bootable disk, or shut down your computer abnormally once or more times until your computer boot with \”Automatic Repair\” screen. Note: If you don\’t see any restore points and receive the warning \”System protection is turned off.

To turn it back on so that you can use System Restore, configure system protection\” after you click \”Open System Restore\”, this method will be unavailable because you can\’t turn on system protection in Safe Mode.

Tip: Sometimes, you may fail to perform Windows 10 rollback since the option is grayed out after 10 days.



Windows 10, stuck at black screen with loading spinning circle – Microsoft Community

Windows startup process “sees” this and loads a very basic driver instead. screen with a blue Windows logo and take 5 minutes to show the spinning dot? Windows 10 boots slowly and with a rotation ring; Windows 10 stuck on a black screen with rotating circles. In either case, it will bring you a. You see either a spinning circle or white dots on your screen. 3. Windows 10 black screen without cursor. Sometimes, your cursor goes missing when you are on.


Windows 10 boot black screen spinning dots free download


Then you could logout or start the Task Manager to end aborted program. In some cases, external devices such as wireless mice, wireless keyboards, Bluetooth headsets, etc. You can try this guide to remove securely.

Step 1. Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds and wait for the computer to turn off. Step 2. Unplug the power cable from the computer and remove all external devices, including the mouse, keyboard, and headset in order. Many users would like to install third-party anti-virus software, however, Windows Defender, the built-in security tool is sufficient to daily computer protection. And as a matter of fact, some third-party software unavoidable large and take up much space, even cause computer issues.

Wait for the software to be successfully uninstalled and then restart the computer to see if it starts up properly. Some viruses and malware can also be a trigger for Windows 10 black screen circle spinning error, so you need to scan and remove them. Windows Defender is sufficient for daily protection.

Step 3. In the Current threats section, click on the Quick scan button. Safe Mode is a special mode of Windows that allows you to boot your computer without loading third-party device drivers and is mainly used for troubleshooting and fixing system errors.

Enter the Windows recovery environment by restarting the computer twice after a forced shutdown. If there is no spinning circle in Windows 10 safe mode, the cause maybe on other sides. Then, you can try fixes in the next parts.

This spinning circle may be caused by updates, you may uninstall them or disable automatic update feature to see if it works. In the new window, click on the Uninstall the latest quality update option and wait for the process to complete. The graphics card will directly affect the computer\’s display and if there is a problem with the graphics card driver, then it may also cause Windows 10 to fail to boot with the spinning circle issue.

Therefore, you need to reset the graphics card driver. Enter Windows Safe Mode with network functions , right-click the Start button on the far left side of the taskbar, and select Device Manager from the expanded menu. Find and double-click on Display adapters.

Right-click the item and select Uninstall Device in the expanded menu. Right-click on the top computer name and select Scan for hardware changes in the expanded menu to reinstall the previously uninstalled driver. Step 4. Restart your computer and see if it starts up properly, if it still does not start up properly. As mentioned above, the driver of graphics card may cause Windows 10 spinning circle issue.

You may disable the automatic driver update feature in order to prevent Windows from automatically updating incompatible drivers. On the right panel of the About tab, find and click the Advanced System Settings button. Switch to the Hardware tab at the top of the System Properties window and click on the Device Installation Settings button. In the Device installation settings window, click the No your device might not work as expected option and click the Save Changes button. CMD is a helpful tool in troubleshooting, with which you can even transfer files or clone hard drive with ease.

However, please note that all operations on Command Prompt will be executed instantly and cannot undo operations. Please choose this type of operations carefully. If the system files are corrupted or lost, then it may also cause Windows 10 not to start with spinning circle problem.

Tips: it is suggested to backup system in advance just in case. Enter the following commands in sequence and press Enter to execute the commands respectively. Finally, type exit again and press Enter to exit the command prompt and click Continue to restart the computer. Please note that you need to replace the C in the above command with the system drive installed.

Press the Y button again, make sure to check the next system reboot, and restart your computer. Computer memory is another possible causes for Windows freezing. Try the following two ways to fix it. Open the side panel of the chassis, find and check the memory for obvious damage, then wipe the gold fingers with an eraser, or if there is another computer, replace it with another computer for testing.

After confirming that it is correct, reinstall it on the motherboard and make sure it does not come loose and turn on the computer again. Step 5. In the Windows Memory Diagnostic window, there are two options, the first one is to restart immediately and check the problem , and the second one is to check the problem when you start your computer next time.

Open the side panel of the chassis and find the battery on the motherboard, use a tool to gently pry up the battery, so that it is free of the motherboard if it is connected to the head of the board with a cable, just disconnect it. After waiting for minutes, install the battery in the same way, restore the case, and reconnect the external device and power cable. Please note that if your computer has been in use for more than 3 years, you may also consider replacing the CMOS battery in the same way as above.

Then, restart the computer, see if it can start normally. If all above fixes could not solve the spinning circle issue on your computer, you may need to do something to your entire computer or Windows. Tip: Please backup computer or the files you care most since data loss could be caused by inappropriate operations.

In some cases, you may get Windows 10 system restore stuck on initializing or restoring. Type exit again and press Enter to exit the command prompt and restart your computer. You can choose to Keep my files or Remove everything according to your needs, here we suggest you choose the first one. Finally, click the Reset button, wait for the computer to finish resetting automatically, and restart the computer.

Everything would be the same as the old operating system. Secondly, boot this computer with the bootable drive. Connect a new disk as the target cloning drive. What came out was the windows defender. After it finish scanning, it re-boots and I am back with the black screen. So I downloaded the Win10 Recovery Disk.

I plug in the USB and reboots but nothing happen. How do I change the boot procedure? There are multiple reasons why you are getting a black screen error after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update. After the auto repair, you should have a screen that has two options: restart or advanced options. The machine I used to create the tutorial was Creators Edition. Both of the machines I have on the bench have SSDs and doing repeated forced restarts on a PC with an SSD is to dangerous to attempt if power is interrupted from an SSD mid-write it can be immediately and irrevocably rendered toast.

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. Anya MM. I was just trying to remove a malware called winsnare from my pc as it keeps on coming back. But after I restart my pc, it got stuck at the black screen with loading spinning circle and this never happened before.

I tried to diagnose at startup but it couldn\’t do it. I tried to restore by using the system restore and it won\’t do it. Help me :. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Previous Next. Patricia Yu Microsoft Agent. Hello Anya, To resolve your concern, we have found a thread that is similar to your query. Let us know how it goes. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

In reply to Patricia Yu\’s post on April 6, Thing is, I can\’t even get past the log in page : I can\’t even get into the safe mode. In reply to Anya MM\’s post on April 6, If you will still encounter issues, let us know and we\’d gladly assist. Time Lady Independent Advisor. Removing the wireless logitch dongle should correct the problem – if not you may have to restart the pc. You could also try removing any other USB devices connected to the device. Tech Potato. I have recently had several computers have this problem after the Creator\’s Update.

First you need to restart into automatic repair: The screens listed vary slightly in wording and options from Windows version to version Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down. Press the power button again As soon as the spinning wheel starts, press and hold the power button Repeat until automatic repair starts usually 3 loops. Select \”advanced options\” Select \”Troubleshoot\” Select \”Advanced options\” from the Troubleshoot menu Select \”Startup settings\” Click Restart The computer will restart into the startup menu.

Select \”Safe mode with networking\” isn\’t this so much better than pressing F8 on startup? Windows will restart in safe mode. Right-click on the windows logo and choose \”device manager\” Find your video adapter and uninstall the driver. Just to add to possible reasons of the issue, I had this problem with a laptop. So check your usb devices.

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